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Steel Stamps, Stamping Dies and Hubs


C & W Steel Stamp Co. has been making custom steel stamps, hubs and dies for over 50 years.

We make custom steel stamps and stamping dies for the jewelry and coin industry, silverware, watch and watchband industries, eyeglass, pen, wiring device and precision tool manufactures.


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To contact us:

Phone: 800-838-4233
Phone: 401-941-6311
Fax: 401-781-4884

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C & W Steel Stamp Co. Inc.
  231  Georgia Ave.
Providence, RI  02905




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We have cnc engraving equipment with cad-cam, edm die sinking and pantograph engraving equipment. We use these methods to make steel dies, steel stamps, jewelry stamps, jewelry dies and hubs, custom ring stamps, steel stamping dies, Steel Hand Stamps and coining dies.

We can make engraved graphite electrodes and custom coins. 
We also work with jewelers for custom awards.

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"always a good impression"
Since 1959


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